The origin of Plaas Pie’s….

My name is Jurie and I have been dreaming about bringing my Grandmother’s home made Pies to everybody

ever since I was knee-high to a tortoise!!!

She baked Pies, like all her food, in an old ‘Aga’ wood stove. Long before they were ready to eat the aroma would

fill the air around our home and all and sundry would slowly drift towards the kitchen.

Not long and she would dish up the steaming hot Pie’s with home made Gravy and total silence would follow as

we devoured them all!

When I grew up I asked her for the recipes, so that we could have some when far away, and when longing for the

farm with it’s warm old kitchen. I wrote them down and for many years they lay in a shoe box in my cupboard.

Then - one day not so long ago - I ordered a Pie at a restaurant and suddenly remembered Granma’s Pie’s.

That was the start of our baking Pies and we have not looked back since with these bestsellers!

Should you want to order some please contact me or come to our shop and enjoy a fresh Pie. All the details are on the ‘Contact Us’ page

See you!

Jurie Kritzinger.

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